Saturday, February 7, 2009

what is this?

Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can help me out there. I am not exactly sure what to make of this. My 13 yr old son plays this game with beannie babies. They are fighting with each other. I guess I wouldnt be concerned to much, he does have a wild imagination.

But its the movements that bother me. It really is weird to watch.

He can play this game for hours. In fact, its pretty much the only thing that truly interests him. Well, dragon ball z interests him when its on TV. Dont want to give the wrong impression out there.

There is an upside to this, he wont play it in the front yard, due to someone seeing him, so he has some awareness on how weird it is and how he must look. OF course I have been known to drop a hint here and there, "buddy, your 13 yrs old, are you sure
you want to play that in the front?".

The video I have, is just an example. Sometimes the game can get violent as the beannie babies go flying through the air and crashing into the TV, the lamps. These beannie babies have been known to knock pictures off the wall.

The one thing we do know, it is a fighting game, he does come up with a story line on this. But he does get really deep into this play. Not sure if the sound will come out on the video, but he makes this 'swooshing sounds' when he plays, like they are fighting.

I dont know, maybe its not big deal at all, but he has been playing this game for a few years now. He runs around the house and spins and I guess Im just worried.

Then again, I have no idea what 'normal' is anymore, so who knows.

any idea if this is just play, or is there something else going on? If you cant tell by this video, ill try to get another one.


Rose Adoption Journey said...

You know there are several options. I will just tell you our son did that when he came to us and after about a year or so, it stopped. He was always destroying things and fighting with his toys. We were worried because he was "always at war"...our therapist assured us that he was feeling confused and angry at his past and confused and angry about where he was now. As we got him to talk, he has continued to play war less and when he does, people are rescued. Some of it quite frankly is boy stuff no matter what their challenges are. I would check with the therapist and show them the video. One thing I can say, don't try to motivate him to stop by "calling him on his age" Remember, he may not be maturity wise, 13...Our boys are 13 and 14 and act 6 years old a lot! It doesn't work and only makes your child feel bad about not being "13" Just a thought !

Linus said...

thanks, I realize that our son emotinally is much younger. I do have to be careful what I say, but i guess one of my fears is that if one of the kids see him in the front, they will make fun of him at school. Its really hard sometimes to keep that in perspective. thanks. Is the flinging of the arms 'normal'? (near the end of the video you can actually see the arms more, he does this more then anything.

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Did you ever figure this out?