Tuesday, January 16, 2007

family history

well, not sure if i posted this before but my son is doing the 'family history'...the whole ancestor thing.

We have been discussing this with him and he says "well, im adopted, so i dont have to do it."

so i said he can pick me to do the project or we can go on the internet and look at his 'surname' and find out where he comes from.

well, he wanted to do his 'surname'...which comes from england.

then he said his birthdad fought the british....(his bdad is about 24 now....lol)

anyway, part of me wonders why he didnt want me..

anyway, I hate these projects, i talked to the school when it first came out, but i guess they wont change the program.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

suspended again

my younger son got suspended from after school. He apprently used a racist remark in front of a bunch of kids.

we have addressed these remarks at home, but i think because he gets such a huge reaction from us, he feels powerful when he says it.

he learned alot of these words from his brother, and i have no idea on how to stop it.

there are times that i think if i just 'slap' him across the face, that would stop it all.....

we tried time outs, we tried taking away chips, we are not sure what to do anymore....

he will go back to afterschool tomorrow and he will have to write a letter to them to say he is sorry....not sure if that will do anything.

he doesnt even know what these words mean yet....to him they are all just curse words and doesnt understand why some 'curse words' are worse then others.

but we are stumped.......

the good news is that the kids will be starting a group with other kids with attachment issues. I cant wait to see to what the therapist is going to say about my two kids having them together.....lol.

there fine one on one...but put them together, and before you know it...all heck breaks out...so it will be fun....i think.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

when does this end?

Just an update since i haven't posted in a while. We got through the holidays, not unscathed, but got through them.

older son has had increase in his meds, and that seems to be what he needed. However, without the structure of his day on vacation, he barely held it together.

he even said "i cant wait till school starts again"...lol

on to my younger son. today is his birthday so i brought cup cakes and juice for his class....

when i went to pick him up from school, the after school director told me that during school he refused to share the cupcakes and juice...

so i get to take them home with him....

his arm is in a cast due to a fracture that he got from my older son, who was playing with him and didn't realize his own strenght...

i also got a note that he had a poor attitude today in school.

the thing that gets me, he was always so excited around his birthday, and now that he is home, he has been doing this 'baby talk'..(did i mention he is getting on my nerves)

id like to say "well, its his bday, and with adopted kids, it can bring up stuff"

but sometimes i wonder if that's just too easy for my kids...

so, i cant wait till its all over, I'm going out of my mind....

first was my older sons bday....at the bowling alley..that was crazy.

then Christmas, we had the family over for the holiday because we thought it would be easier to have them come to us...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

forgot about the heavy duty cleaning and cooking that one must do.....

then came my sons friends bday party, another loaded day for the boys.

then came New years eve brunch for the family, that we like fools agreed to host this year, so on with the cleaning and scrubbing and cooking.

now its my younger sons bday, so I'm home baking his cake and cooking dinner for a few family members.

then in TWO weeks, off to chuckie cheese we go for his bday party (he really wants it there)

and then I am DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too many parties, too many disruptions, doesn't make daddy a happy daddy, plus doesn't equal happy kids either....

sorry for the long post....but boy oh boy....I'm popped.

i was driving in my car today to pick up my son so i can bake his cake so i left early from work. On the way, i was listening to some music and Simon and Garfunkel came on....and i started to well up...

i was just getting so sad....

i think I'm starting to crash and my emotions are starting to catch up with me.

its time to put the Christmas decorations away, and i think I'm just gonna do a little at a time....the tree will be last, with all those pine needles everywhere.