Thursday, February 28, 2008

little one birthday party

I'm not sure what to think. My son invited his whole class to his birthday party and some other kids. The party is Saturday and only 3 kids have said they would come.

We had a RSVP on the invite. He is starting to worry that no one will show, and the truth is, I'm thinking the same way he is.

Maybe I dont know what the etiquette is on kids birthday parties. But doesnt RSVP mean call to let us know either way.

Now he wants to call all his friends to see if they are coming. I dont know how to handle this. I dont want him stalking them...

Why doesnt parents realize that by not calling leaves a child in anxiety. Have we become so self absorbed that we cant even think about a childs feelings?

What gets me, is this party costs us alot of money, and I cant give a headcount because NO ONE FREAKING RSVP'D...

Who knows, maybe they will do the RSVP thing the day before the party. Maybe they just want to make sure nothing better comes up......oh wait, thats me....(only kidding) LIke I got alot of offers to go do some fun things.

Friday, February 22, 2008

stinky stink

Every morning before I go to work, I hit the Dunkin Dounuts. Every morning I order the same thing. "Number 3 please".

Is it that wrong to say "a number 3 please, and may I have the man make my coffee"?

It's not that I dont like women making my coffee, but they smell. They wear perfume to work. And it's not a particular nice smelling perfume, but who am I to judge. I'm sure alot of people like that smell. But that is not what this is about, its about the smell clinging on to everything. And yes, the smell clings on to the top of my coffee lid.

Every morning, the lid of my coffee smells like perfume!!. I dont want to smell anything, or taste anything for that matter, but my coffee. Is that asking to much?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those 'frangence free' people, you know THOSE kind of people. All I want, is what I am paying for, a cup of coffee that actually smells like coffee as I slowly take a sip, not some womens perfume, is that so wrong? Now before anyone calls me a sexist, if it was a guy who wore cologne, I would be complaining about the same thing, but in this specific Donkun Donuts, it's the women who wear perfume. (can't even believe I have to clarify this..)

They really should have people that work in those places, 'fragrence free'. Who knows, maybe I'm turning into one of THOSE fragrence free people. I hope not, I hate those people.

Well, there is my vent today. All I want is to get myself a nice hot cup of coffee without smelling someones 'stinky' before I take a sip. Is that asking to much? After all, I did pay for a cup of coffee and never asked them to put 'smelly' on top.

Well, apparently it is, since the women really do not like it when you request the man to make your coffee. Boy, everyone is so sensitive these days...does everyone need an explanation on why? It's dunkin donuts for petes sake....geeessssshhhhh.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

more mosiacs

On to those mosicas again in Sunday School. What a nightmare. The kids got so dirty and sticky from all the grout. It seemed much easier when it was just my kids and myself. But to teach a bunch of kids, well, it got kinda messy.

The boys in the class of course were just having a ball. I dont mean that in a positive way. They were running up and down the halls with grout all over the hands threatening to smear on it people.

The girls of the class, did a great job. They finished their projects and couldnt wait to clean their hands....

But now I am stuck doing the rest by myself and cleaning up the kids projects because it was such a mess. It will take me a few days scrapping the grout off of each one because you cant even see the glass pieces they used so much

Remind me never to fill in for the teacher again. I'm sure the parents weren't to keen on trying to get the glue and grout off their kids

Reminds me when I was doing ceramics in school. I was working on the pottery wheel and I was making a porcelain bowl. Well, I wasnt very good at it, and I always took the last wheel in the corner, figurinng it was safe there and I could just blend in. So there I was, in the corner, with the coat rack.

Well, I was spinning away madly with my porcelain and then my friend next to me said "uh, John, look at the coats" see, alot of artists like black coats. And well, porcelain is white.

I looked up, and all over those dark coats, were splatters of white porcelain clay.

So I slowly got my coat and headed out the door and didnt say a word.

Now, if any of them are reading this, I'm sure they are cursing me right now.

But it was my last week at Sunday School, the teacher comes back next week and I'm better at just 'helping out'...