Tuesday, December 14, 2004




hi all,

We had our meeting with our older sons group home and DSS, a service plan meeting.

Well, they all understand, they all agree with what we suggested,
and guess who is coming home on christmas?.....

we are so thrilled. even DSS (our enemy) agreed but wouuld like him to come for a visit first before the holiday and see if he regresses...which i understand and agree.

they will not increase our visits anymore...we get to see him once a week and our two phone calls a week....so ill live with that.

the group home really feels that his connection to us is really strong and that we will play an important part on his transition to a new family......

basically, like 'regular' kids, they learn to trust and feel safe by their parents to go out in the world which my son never experienced, so they are feeling like this could be an opportunity for him to feel safe with the transition to a new family

as for the new family...the group home was clear to DSS that he will need to have a family that could focus all their attention on him and that by placing him in a family that is 'clueless' will only set him up to fail again.

they all agree that he is not ready to be adopted at this point, and since we are all the family he has, we should remain and active in his case.

at the close of this meeting, the group home said "I wish he came to us the first time, he is such a great child and i think we could of helped him transition back to you...."

their goal is to try to get him off all his meds....not know, but soon.

the sad news is, they have been doing alot of tests with him and he was worse then we thought he was with the language processing issues.

they feel he doesnt understand much when he is spoken too. he just cant understand anything and he gets real frustrated...and tantrums out.

anyway, im feeling great....

he has not had to be restrained once...he has had mini tantrums, but not to the extent that we reported or the other grouphome or the hospital.....they feel the risperdol might be working

just wanted to let you know what was going on...i guess i didnt have to use my scare tactics (as i had rehearsed in my head over and over again of what i was going to say)

Friday, December 3, 2004

more issues

more issues


as most know, my older son is now in a group home, he is not ready to be put up for adoption due to his issues.

he does have attachment issues, but has attached to us.

since he has been in the group home, they had limited our visits due to confusion that he might have.

well, they finally admitted yesterday that maybe this was not the best idea they had.

he is starting to act out, starting to smear his feces all over the walls, starting to urinate in the cornor of his room. (all RAD behaviors if you ask me)

he has never done anything like that before.

they said to be honest, they never had a family still want to be involved in a childs life after a disruption due to the guilt they feel.

i feel guilty, but i still want to be in the childs life. this is the first time they came across this.

he told his therapist that the only place in his whole life that he felt safe was with us and he doesnt want a new family and doesnt feel safe at the group home and he just wants to come home. he says he misses us.

i am so pist....we had this all planned out in the hospital...he was assured that we will still be there for him and we werent going anywhere no matter what....

but this new social worker comes along from the new DSS office, and decides in two hours at a meeting, whats best for him

well....it back fired....and my son has now payed a huge price for this. all the work we did, has just been wasted. how can he ever trust or attach again to anyone. why should he? everyone leaves...

i said, i understand why they feel he might be confused, but he is confused now...he goes to group home and we disappear...thats confusing to him also...no explanation, no nothing, just, were here, were gone.

yes, i can see if he came home for 'visits' that might be confusing too. but isnt it a better confusing.....at least he knows that soemone else hasnt abandoned him.

i rather him be confused on something positive then something negative.

i am so sick of people who do not know my son decide what is best...i have psych, his old dss office, and other professionals that have written letters, but they wont budge.

they are damaging my child and his actions are proving it.

now wonder why these kids get so messed up, they keep yanking them away without any reasons and blame us for it.

in order for people to have healthy attachments, they have to be giving a chance to have a heatlhy attachment. this is not a diffulcult concept.....

my son did this with us, he let us in, he trusted us (as much as he could) and we did alot of attachement stuff with him.....

to be only erased in a two hour discussion by this social worker.

i am so angry!!!!!!

we have a meeting on 12/14 and if they dont play by my rules (since they admit they never done this before) then i will pull out the guns. im tired of playing nice nice with these people, i have been dong it for a while. and if they give me crap, i will get a lawyer, my son has a write to see his brother.

now they are saying they are not putting him up for adoption just yet do to his new issues....well how the heck did he get these new issues?......i wonder...

so here we have a child, that has no family, is not up for getting a new family, but he has people that truly love him and want to help him and be there for him, but arent allowed to see or talk too that often because this will hurt him.

i must be missing something.

im pist, can you tell.......and i will fight like crazy to get him to have a visit with us on christmas.

sorry for venting....but this is what ive been dealing with the last few days.

when do the people who know him the best have a right to say what they feel will be good for him.