Friday, September 16, 2005

school issues

school issue


ok guys,

here is a run younger son is in the first grade.

last year, im sure some of you might remember, he was kicked out of kindergartin due to his behaviors.

they switched his schools, midway, and put him in a classroom with 4 other kids (all boys)

at the end of the year, the teacher said that she expected alot of behaviors, but he really didnt have any...she said that he did really well, with the reward system and stuff.

she recommended him to stay in the small classroom next year, not so much around behaviors but he is so far behind on his education stuff....(we never pushed any of this, due to he was in kindergartin...)

ok, up to date...

my son is now in the first grade, in the small classroom....he had about 1 1/2 weeks of great behavior, but now things appear to be going downhill.

everyday, he comes home with a report on his behaviors, (its part of the reward system and a way to communicate)

we have not got any phone calls or any special message, just the report.

he has been having problems with hitting and kicking his brother (either play or fight) and we dont tolerate it, so he is in time out immediatly.

on his 'report', the little stuff we just kinda ignore because he does get a consequence in school...

but the last few days, he has been coming home with reports stating 'hit a kid'..'pushed a kid'

he does lose privaliges at school, and he doesnt get a star for the school day...(he is on a 'star chart' at home)...

so what do you think?.... is some other stuff going on...

my older son will be doing more sleep overs now for the transition to come home...he seems excited by this, but i wonder if it is also causing him some anxiety.

also, my son was on clonidine, 1/2 tab at night for sleep..thats it.

he stopped taking it about 3 days ago....the doctor told us that since he was on such a low dose, that it wouldnt be carried out during the day, so thats not it......but im beginning to wonder...

here is what im thinking:

put him back on the meds at night and see if theres a change.

no outdoor play when he comes home if he hits someone at school.

or just keep doing what we are doing, letting the school handle what happens at school, and we handle what happens at home.....

any thoughts.....