Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have a question, and I figured id put it out here. My older son is currently on tenex and risperdal.

about 1 month ago we were playing around and he hurt his neck...not bad, but clearly something happened.

He seemed fine and it was no big deal.

about 3 days later i started to notice that he would swich (is that a word) his head and neck, like how people crack their get the 'kinks' out sort of speak.

well, i brought him to the doctor who examined him (no x-ray) and said that he pulled a mscl in his neck, and he will be fine. just rest and motrin.

well, he is still doing it. He seems to be doing more and more.

I talked to the nurse at school and she said that it looks like a 'tic'.

So, I'm wondering, can any of these meds cause tics. I checked on the computer and apparently risperdol helps tics...

Ill take him back to the doctor next week, but i figured id put this out there if anyone has ever heard of this before.