Monday, January 9, 2006

regressing, it cant be....

HI all,

well, i havnt really been on all that much, things were going so well for a while, and then....boom,,

my older guy who is still in a RTC, has become very demanding lately. Yes, he is better then before he went into the RTC, but it seems the meds arent working like they use to.

This morning was real tough, he wanted to go to the RTC NOW so he can play with his gameboy.

I told him that will be fine but i have to take a shower, and then he started yelling that he wants to go now before school starts.

I told him that he could play with his gameboy here and he got mad and said he wants to play with it there.

Like usual, i started to reason with him.... that was going to work (high hopes i guess)

now my younger son, since friday night, has been off his rocker....he spent alot of time out this weekend over stupid things. Just real attention seeking i tried spending more time with him, but that didnt seem to work..

when i picked him up from school on friday, he said that his friend had parents that looked cool, and we dont, and he liikes his friends parents.

ok, his friends parents are kinda young, and well, they dress like, well, how should i put this....hmmmm...clothes that some woman should not wear..(think spandex in the cookie alley in the supermarket) and a grown man who wears his baseball cap on backwards.....(im sure you can vision this, or least now what i am talking about)

well, i blew it because i was getting angry in the car and i said to him "would you rather live with them?"

of course he got mad and said he doesnt want to talk about it, i told him i am sorry..but since then, he has just been off his rocker. I dont think it was what i said, because he was a little odd when i picked him up and then became a little odd when he was talking about his friends parents.

anyway, here is my question....with my older son, during his meltdown about wanting to play his gameboy at the RTC, i asked him if he rather give up some sleepovers on school nights so he can wake up in the RTC so he can play his gameboy....

he said "Yes"

so im wondering if i should let him keep to his word, (he did say it when he was in his 'weird place'...but i got to tell you, his disrespect and demands are really starting to get to me...maybe we just need a break for a week and not do our sleepover on wednesday.

or maybe we should let himlearn that when he makes demands like that and starts yelling there is consequnences and that he wont be able to come home.

I dont know.....the problem is, by wednesday, he will totally forget that this ever happened and he just wont understand why he is not coming home.