Monday, October 23, 2006

sometimes i just want to.....

well, you know what i m ean.

my older son is making us work again as parents. and its not the fun kind of work.

his 'projection' is getting so bad and i am having a hard time dealing with it.

"someone stole this"
"help me now find it"
"you dont love me because you wont help me"

this is constant when h e loses something, and of course due to his 'issues' this is pretty much all the time.

he can never take any responsiblity for anything, its always someone else, and im getting pretty tired of it.

he goes 'right there' and it is getting to us.

what is this?

oh, he did great in school again...he got 'student of the week' because he is working so hard....

i know he is holding together at shcool and letting it out at home, but enough is enough.

as most know, we are on a chip system, im going to give him 5 chips a day and say these are your helping chips, so when you ask for help, you have to give me a chip...and you have up to 5 'helps'.

because after all, everything is a freaking emergency...when he asks for help, you would think he was stuck under a pile of wreckage bleeding to death, thats how loud he gets with it.

but still.....what is this, he doesnt seem to take any responsibility for anything he does.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

too much fantasy

i know i have talked about my son playing with his 'stuffies' (beanie babies)and how he 'shakes them' when he plays with them. The play is usually two of them fighting, action figure kinda thing fighting....

my younger son joins in SOMETIMES, but its usually my older sons choice of play.

now, i never minded it before, because it beats tv and video games.

but latly im starting to worry because it seems thats all my son does.

i watched him close this weekend, even when we went to 'the waterfall' by our house to play, and he had to bring his 'stuffys' along.

i noticed that he has been playing this game, i would say, 80 percent of his waking hours.

he is either eating, watching cartoons, or playing this game.

even when we go on field trips. he needs to bring his 'stuffies' with him.

is this odd? or do other kids play like this? im worried that he is escaping into this fantasy, which can be healthy if its not all the time.

well, im taking them to the corn maze today, we will see if he chooses to play with these stuffies, or have fun in the maze.

maybe im worrying to much....i dont know..

Monday, October 9, 2006

please pass the cheese

with that whine.......

do they ever stop? My older son had his first sleep over with his friend. they did great together and then m y younger son had a play date with his friend while the older onne stayed home with me.

so i decided to take him hiking...not in the real sence of the word, but to look at this waterfall by our house in the park.

as soon as we got out of the car, he starts clinging to me, sticking his head in my kidneys (i hate when he does this)

he says to me the people are weird, then he wants to hold my hand the whole time, but hes 10 yrs old and it looks kinda odd......

there are days, when he goes in his 'weird' place, a nd i wish he didnt look so normal, i wish i could put a football helmet on his head so people would know that he has some 'special need issues'

so, we walked, about 10 minutes and he kept whinning..."its too hot, im tired' this isnt fun' too many people, the people are all weird and stupid...blah blah blah

here i am thinking im spending some onne on one time with him because this will be good, but all he did was whine and i was sick of it.

now, here is my next issue. Does anyone elses kid do this.

he forgets where he puts everything...i mean everything...he doesnt have the 'smarts' to keep track of his things.

i have found things out side, in the bathroom, in the garage.

but then when he cant find something....he starts yelling blaming us for 'stealing it' or 'taking it'

then when i try to tell him that i didnt wear his shoes, or that i was playing with stuffed animal, he continues to blame me or who ever is in the nearest promixity to craziness.

then he says 'help me find it?'

and if we dont help him find it right away, he goes off...he gets so frustrated.

he doesnt seem to get that we dont touch his things, that he is the one who losses them...its always someone elses fault.

i always tell him that i cant help someone who is yelling at me...but then that just makes him even more angry.

when he finally asks me nice, i will help, and i usually find his thing, because all he does is folllow me around while i look, God forbide he looks in a different place.

and i will tell you, this gets very tiring....

i dont know how to deal with this. but he is not fun to be aroiund when he misplaces something....i mean you can be putting out a fire annd he will rage and yell that you are not helping him look for his stuffed animal..

anyway, my older son and I had some alone time today, and im thinking it really wasnt worth just wasnt least for me.

the only part that he liked, is when i stopped at the deli and got him a soda....woo hoo...a freaking soda...

you see, when i do this kinda stuff with my younger son, he just loves it, he loves the 'alone time'...he likes the 'father and son' outings....

my older son 'thinks' he likes it.

Friday, October 6, 2006

this cant be happening...

guess who came home with the principle award? my little guy............

so he got two tickets for chillis.....what fun

i cant believe my kids are doing so well at school...its kind of earry.....

my older son is getting more frustrated with his school work, but he is using his words, instead of his hands...

he is going for a sleep over tomorrow night with a friend of a little nervous about it, but everyone else seems excited about it, so i guess ill let him go.

his friend also has special needs, and we do play dates and stuff and the boys are fine together.

then its special time with my younger son which were looking forward to. far so good.

we did get the game boy back.....the teacher got it back for him.

im just dropping it, and he is not allowed to bring any toys to school anymore....(i thought that was a rule anyway)

anyway, im hoping that my younger son, by next year can get mainstreamed into a regular class...if he cant, then he has one more year and gets transfered out in the fourth grade.....

i started reading with my older son....its pre-school reading and he still has problems with it....

my younger son just cant read at all.......

but slowly but surely...our goal was to work on the behaviors before school stuff....and i think were moving into the right direction

for today anyway...........

Thursday, October 5, 2006

oppositional behavoir

my younger son has become very oppositional. I'm not sure if its an age appropriate thing and hes testing the waters, he is 9.

He has resulted in destroying things in the house (not as bad as his brothers), he might tear down a picture off the wall, not framed, just art work he or is brother done. He also has been 'screaming' so loud when he doesnt get his way. This is not like him. But it seems to have been increasing.

Also, he still has the lying problem, and not sure how we are going to handle that one.

His tantrums dont last long, and once his time out is over, or he moves onto something else, its like a light switch, he is back to his old self again.

My older son, continues to really do well, and loves school. He still has alot of learning problems, but he has come such a long way. I remember when we first met him, he wouldnt hug at all, and just stand there, now its constant, and God forbide you leave the house without hugging him at least 5 times....

Its actually been a pain to be honest, he will chase you down the street in the car until he gets his numerous hugs.....

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

oct is here, hold onto your seats

oct 31 is when my kids were removed from bmom, and usually when fall starts, the kids go a little nutty, but for some reason, im still in denial as fall is my favorite season.

well, i get the call from school that my older son was very frustrated today, he did not tantrum, but did his 'anger stuff'

he went to the nurses office to seat down for a while.

so here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he told me that he sold his gameboy for one dollar..

now he is mad because the kid didnt give him a dollar but kept the game boy..

i know, lessons learned, but my kid would give you the shirt on his back if he thought you would be his friend, he still thinks that giving things to people will make them like him

but the truth is, i want that freaking game boy back, it didnt cost a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!

would it be weird to call his parents and ask for the game boy back? or should i just say 'oh live you learn'

he has done this in the past, and well, he doesnt quite get the cause and effect, so he just keeps doing it.

but the game boy.....that thing cost me alot of money.

he is going through so much, and at times like this, we tighten the house a little bit with certain things, because we know what can happen if we dont.

what would you do, knowing why he gave the kid the game boy in the first place?...

Sunday, October 1, 2006


last Thursday i forgot to give my older son his morning meds...which includes risperdol

when he got home, his note from school said he had a GREAT day, and really worked hard.

then about 1 hour of being home, he starts to tantrum.....i cant even remember what he tantrumed over, something that really didn't make any sense to get that upset over.

it lasted for a while anyways, the crazys were back.

could it be the risperdol? or lack of risperdol i should say?

i have not seen a tantrum like that in a long time.

i always thought risperdol stays in the system for a while, does anyone know?

could of it been the missing dose of risperdol, or was it just him being him.