Tuesday, November 25, 2003


regarding my older son, they did that sensory test to figure out if he does have ADHD, and well, he does. so at least we know he is on the proper medication for that. they tested him without the ritilan and on it, and he did great being on it, so they changed the ritilan to concertta.

i knew he was a different kid on the ritilan, the behaviors were awful, but he appeared much better on that med.

now comes the psych testing, the neuro testing proved normal. CT negative, EEG negative, etc.......

basically, he is starting to show those wonderful behaviors in the RTC which everyone is glad about, so they can see what we are talking about, no one ever doubted us, but to see it first hand helps with the assessment.

plus, they feel, that alot of it is PTSD, and attachment issues. they feel do to his rocky transitions into homes, more like dump him in a home, this comes up through his control on not getting to close to us due to he figures he really wont be staying with us 'forever'

good news, they feel that living with his younger brother, is not the major cause. they feel it is more attachment issues due to all the transitions, they feel that he has bonded with us, but he is trying hard not too.

the hardest part i deal with, i visit him everyday and then we have this thing where he likes to wave goodbye to me until i am out of site. then as i walk to my car and look at the window as he is waving, i just ball when i get in my car, seeing his little face waving to me from that window.