Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have to sit alone.....

i know this is probably more common then i think, but i cant even sit and watch tv with the kids because they fight over who will sit next to me.

I know it sounds weird, but the minute i sit down, then one yells "im sitting next to daddy"...then they both get up and race, and it actually gets physical.

so i basically get up and sit by myself. (in the hard uncomfortable chair..... )

i have tried timing, but then it goes into this "im first' argument.

it really is bothering me. I get the 'not enough love to go around' stuff, but knowing why it is happening, just doesnt seem to be enough.....lol

so what have others done, it really is driving me crazy. Its not like i dont spend alot of time with them, i spend tons of time with them.

what have others done, im sure this is a common problem, but with kids with loss issues to boot, not sure how to handle it.