Saturday, March 7, 2009

Im at my limit

My older son has been off the wall. he is non-stop. He plays that weird game (seen in another post) 24 hours a day. He bothers everyone with this game, like going up to them and swinging the stuffies in their face.

My younger son, all he does is yell "get out here" "leave me alone" blah blah.

I love this kid, but over the last couple of months, he is over the top. Plus, he talks back, surprise surprise, hes 13, but there is no down time with him.

as i write this post, i had tto get off the seat to address his craziness four times already.

Im at a loss. He is regressing in schoool, becoming aggressive with teachers and students.

He pretends to have a shot gun and shoots.....the principle doesnt want to suspend him because she knows he is just playing, but there is policies around this.

Once we get his testing results, we will have an IEP meeting and though he is in a regular school, in an LD classroom, i think its time to come to realization that maybe he is just not ready to be a 'normal' kid.

sorry for the vent, he is just driving me up the wall...