Saturday, January 25, 2003

unknown sibling

hi all,

well, heres a kicker, i just found out that my two sons have a half sibling.

apparently, he is 11mo old. As some of you know what has been going on with our family, i told the social worker, NO WAY!!!!!!.

she did say the child was removed within two months after birth. I guess the calls started to come in again in regards to neglect and abuse from neighbors.

the baby is placed with a foster famiy who simply loves the child and will probably adopt him. THANK GOD!!!!

we are not going to tell our kids yet, due to all the trauma they are dealing with now. But eventually we would like to start maybe visitations somewhere down the road.

part of me wants the brother (am i sick or what) and the other part is "i dont want to know anything, dont mention the other child for a while, till we can get through this hurdle with my kids."


anyway, just found out this morning and sickened by it, justs thought id pass it on. the reason we took the two boys from the beginning was because we didnt want to break up the siblings and i guess we have to do it anyway.