Tuesday, April 27, 2004

ahhhh!!!!!!!! school problems

AHHH!!!!!!! school problems


ok...im just venting....my son just got out of a group home and came to live with us on friday....

one of the requirements that we had, was that he attend an afterschool program. I work full time and need my job in order to have a roof over our heads...

well, i found a great program....i mean great!!!!

we have been on the waiting list, and i finally got him a slot and he started yesterday...HE LOVES IT!!!!

i am so happy....but the peace that is missing, is that he needs transportation there.

I jsut got the call today from the public school, whch he attends, and they said they tried everything, but the school transportation is refusing to bring him there. they said it was out of zone..which i understand...

i tried to explain the importance of this program for him....he is 8 and still is in 1sat grade and hasnt gotten grades to even enter 2nd grade, due to all the problems he has had.


can this kid get a break anywhere....every thing this kid needs, i had too jump through 20 hoops just for thing....

i get so made..i work with the justice dept....my clients are drug addicts who are/or were incarcerated....

i can get them services, income, housing...everything they possilbe need...but i cant get an 8 yr old child anything.....

there is something terrible wrong with this country...

i called our mayors office....i am just about ready to explode....

sorry, but i need to vent...well, back on the phone again to call some more people....

i will keep calling to get him what he need....but when it could just be a request of service and he gets the service, i am freaking sick of all this bull crap....

hey, the state took him, the state should pay for this kid to get services

sorry to vent...but i think i had enough of these walls...

oh, here is the clincher....the bus company said to me "well, maybe you can bring him back to the group home until school is over,this way we can give him the transportation because its in the same town...."

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING..... this is a child....not just some inconvience

Monday, April 26, 2004

pull ups now?

pull ups, now?



ok....im baffled.

our 8 yr old has moved back in, and i posted this on another thread.

he has been bedwetting over the last month. he stopped doing it for a while, and the guy has been through so much in the last few months that i have not made an issue of this.

I still wont make an issue of this....so please dont post on how i should stop him...i dont care if he does.

but here is what i am asking....

is it ok to ask him to wear a pullup? or will that just crush him.

usually, i get him up in the night to go, only to find he peed everywhere, so he takes his sheets and puts them in his hamper in his room...we get cleaned up and he goes back to bed after i make his bed again.

is pull ups just too much for an 8 yr ld boy? he has not been wearing them for a while now.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

could it be true

could it be true?


id just like to share something that i found so remarkable for my son.

last weekend we brought our sons to go kite flying at the beach. these kites soared through the air and we all had a great time..

well, the other day when my older son was over...i looked through his bookbag to see if he had any homework that he needed to get done. homework is not really a prioty to him, and he wouldnt even think about it unless i went through his bag.

anway, while i was looking, i stumbled on this piece of paper, it must of been a class project or something....he drew a picture of four people flying kites...

and he wrote:

"this is a picture of me and my family at the ocean flying kites. It was a fun day for all of us. "

i nearly died.....he has no idea why i hung it up...but i think he is getting that we are his 'forever family' now.....baby steps..write?

i know it doesnt seem much to alot of people, but it meant the world to us..

Monday, April 5, 2004




hi all,

well, as most of you know, my older son is finally getting ready to come home....we have been doing alot of sleepovers and dinners and stuff, though still rocky, seems much better then he was.

however, over the last few weeks, he has been peeing at night in our home as well as the group home. the odd thing is, his night terrors has stopped and the bedwetting started...

I usually take him to the bathroom before i go to bed, but it doesnt seem to help like it use to.

he feels real bad about it and doesnt know why it is happening.

here is my question, i am thinking that he is real nervous coming home again and all that goes with it.

He appears to feel real bad about it, and it doesnt appear that he is doing this on purpose. He has tried to cover it up by pulling his sheets off his bed and throwing them in the hamper, but then he sleeps on the mattress.

i know there are different opinions on wet bedding, but im willing to listen.

part of me thinks i should just ignore it, put clean sheets in his room and dont talk about it...

then the other part of me, which i did, is discuss it a little, with no shame attached, and just kinda made his bed with new sheets.

im pretty set on not making this an issue write now, but just looking for some others with some experience with this kind of situation.