Sunday, March 12, 2006

school issue

school issue


hi all,

ok, here is an issue that i have.

my older son, who is doing just great, continues to go to the 'special' school that goes with the RTC that he was in.

there are only about 7 kids in his class with two aids.

anyway, he is having a hard time in school, with running out of the class, and yellling and screamng.

at home, we have none of that...well, most of the time..

i was wondering if it would be appropriate for me to go to school with him and sit with him and see what the problem is.

i know my son gets reall frustrated with things, so im thinking that maybe i can help him

the other day i gave him a book, and he was so proud to read me prompts from me.(but i knew he could read it because it a very easy book to read.)

anyway,, has anyone ever done that, or would the teacher be offended if i did that.

i dont want to make any waves.

then the other part of me is saying, well, at least its not home he is doing this, so maybe i just be quiet...