Friday, June 27, 2008

medication issues

As most know, my son was put on risperdol and it worked wonders. He was on it for quite a few years with no major side effects, but then had this 'neck twitching' thing. It ended up being really bad that anytime he got nervous his neck would go through this twitching thing.

we took him off it, it was long slow process and put him on geodone. (sp?) this didnt seem to do anything, it just made him kinda hyper. His thoughts were all scrambling, and he appeared worse. Plus, his eyes would roll and twitch.

The doctor saw the eyes rolling, so we took him off that and put him on abilify.

well, he has been on abilify, which works a little like the risperdol, which is a good thing, but after a while, his eyes started to roll again, which seems to be worse then before.

I got nervous today and called the doctor. She basically said she is all out of ideas on meds. He seems to be having reactions to this anti-psycotic meds.

I am at a loss on what to do. she said she will look further into other meds but the only ones she knows of, are like haldol, thorazine, and she doesnt like putting kids on these older medications.

so, here I am pleading for HELP. Does anyone know any other meds out there that we might want to try before these others.

i wish i could say we should take him off of everything, but when he was coming for the risperdol. the paranoia set in then the hearing voices started again.

please help. Im desperate.