Sunday, May 20, 2007

adoption day

i just wanted to share the good news that my older son will be adopted on may 24.

as most know, we have been through hell and back with him, and well, its time.

the last few months have actually been very hard due to him testing, but lately he seems to have settled in now, and believes that this is actually going to happen.

i really havnt been on the forum all that much in the last year, but life happens. I just wanted to share with you guys the good news.

i wish i could say id like to end the post there, but well, things might be great for my older son. My younger son, when they fight, cries and says he doesnt want us to adopt our older son.

I know its because he is angry at him, at that moment, but my older son gets really sad when his brother says it.

I have talked to my younger son, but when he is mad, well, he is mad. Of course within the next hour, they are 'brothers' again, and life is back to normal.

but im wondering what is really going on? has anybody had this kind of situation where the sibling is flip floppy on adoption of their sibling.

im sure its common, and i think i get it, but it kills me to see my older sons face when he says it.

anyway, as for more of an update.....

my older son has gotten student of the month a few times, and my younger son, got the principle award last month, which is pretty huge in his school.

we took him off clonidine, he was on such a low dose and only took it at night, but im wondering if that is what it was.

he still is an anxious kid, but who knows. maybe he also is settling in.