Wednesday, July 14, 2004

6 days of hell

6 days of hell



here we go again, our 8 yr old over the last 6 days have been increasingly getting worse.

the definace, the anger, the tantrums....its all getting way too much again.

we were doing pretty good for a while. he started a mood stablizer about 2 weeks ago, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

plus were moving, and even though the kids seem excited, i wonder how they are internalizing it. we try to explain we are all moving together and they seem fine with it and excited.

plus, we found respite, yeaaa..(i think), and we went for the day to meet them, and when we met them the kids went crazy..not sure if they thought this was going to be their new family or not..again, we try to explain but not sure what they are really feeling.

we had to call the BEST team monday night, (which is a pysh Emergency team, that actually come to your house) because he just wasnt stopping with the homicidal and sucidal threats and we were getting worried

but here we go again, the battles, battles, battles.

does it ever stop?

and as for my 6 yr old...well, when the 8 yr old is having a hard time, he becomes the best little boy in the world...which of course, makes it easier for us to deal with the 8 yr old) however...i dont like either....(if you saw him, you will understand) arent suppose behave all the time....its painful to watch.

anyway, just thought id put this out there, we are starting to video tape these tantrums again, to have some back up in case we need it....

sometimes it feels like it will never end...