Saturday, October 25, 2008

school issues again

My younger son, who is 10, has been having a read hard time with learning, his self estemm is shot. He has "severe case of dyslexia" per the school. We noticed the signs, but didnt realize it had gotten so bad.

he apparently is doing about 5-10 minutes of work a day at school, due to his defiance. He is at a place now where he wont even try. He wont do any 1:1, wont even count to 10 stating "I cant do it"...his mantra at the moment. I know he can count to 10.

He cant read or write.

We are at a loss, they suggested that maybe a different school would be in order and i checked into one of the schools they mentioned, and it seems like a great school, its a few towns over (which bothers me) but apparently its really hard to get in.

when my son was moved in kindergartin to another school, it was so traumatic for him but it was the best thing for him. This year, how our school is set up, kids with learning disabilities in 4th grade, get moved to the other school. He didnt want to leave his old school, but all his classmates and friends, were moving also so it was an easier transition.

they are stating that it is so diffulcult to see him suffer like he is because he just wont do the work.

He stated to me that he will kill himself/ runaway, or whatever if he has to leave the school he is in now.

he just doesnt want to move. (mind you, i never even mentioned that he might be leaving the school, he figureres when we have a meeting with the school, that is what we talk about (past history, but he is right)

Homework is also a struggle at home, it can take him quite a long time to do it, with alot of tears and screams.

i have asked for them instead of 45 minutes of reading, try 15 and use a timer to at least let him get back in the swing, and we also decided that his homework assignments might be real easy stuff that he can do with his eyes closed.

We started him back on clonidine again, to hellp with the anxiety, so we will see.

anybody out there with a kid with dylexia, he is on the wilson program, which is the program of choice with his disability, he just refuses to do the work.