Monday, February 16, 2009

trauma is always trauma

So my little guy loves monster trucks. Here is an example, you dont have to watch the whole thing.

He watches this show and its such a thrill for him, so like the good dad I try to be, well, more like things i can bribe them with, I bought tickets to see Monster Trucks Jam LIVE! The tickets were 30 bucks a piece, but we got good seats, and I figured its a 'once in a lifetime event', so splurge away.

I kept it as a surprise, and it made them crazy just wondering what it could be. We went from 'video arcade' to 'ice fishing', don't ask me where they got the idea of ice fishing. As for the video arcade, don't worry, I have taken them numerous times to the arcade, so im not sure why they would even think it would be a big surprise.

So I wasn't going to tell them until they figured it out. They didn't figure it out till my little one saw the 'stage'. He knew exactly what it was.

He was so thrilled. As for my older son, well, he had his game boy, and that was pretty much all he needed to have a good time.

So we all sat there. I gave them ear plugs, (you just never know) and we sat.

Now there was a story on the news just recently about a 6 yr old boy who was killed at this monster truck show with flying debris. My son started huddling next to me and he said he was scared because of the boy.

geeessshhhh, i totally forgot about that.

Then comes the monster trucks, and was LOUD. My younger son flipped out. I took them outside in the hallway and my little one was holding his ears shaking, freaking out. He said he wanted to go outside, he didn't want to stay.

As for my older son, who was standing close by, was playing his game boy. He said its real loud and didn't like it, but I have a feeling for him, he just couldn't care less, since he had his game boy with him.

at first i tried to talk him into staying by saying that maybe we can go as high to the top as possible, but he was shaken so much that the best thing for all of us was to just go home.

I kept telling him it was fine, no big deal, and kept assuring him that it was to loud for me too. I know deep down he probably was more angry at himself and he felt he let himself down as he always wanted to see this.

I should of remembered when he joined little league as he is a gifted athlete. HE went up to bat and hit a home run, the crowd was cheering. When he reached home base, he held his ears and said "i want to go home" and that was the last time he ever played again.

He just doesn't do noise so well. He can't handle it.


Corrine said... was only $30.
You'll know better next time.

(I'm trying to say something positive).

Your still a good Dad!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh no!!! Both my girls have super sensitive hearing, as I do myself. Oddly, all of us talk really loud. But, it sounds like your little guy is extra super sensitive. The ear plugs were a great idea. Kids on the autism spectrum often have this problem, and sensory integration disorder too (dunno if that is what is going on, just throwing things out there). I have heard of people using the head set noise reduction things that airport people use, for their kids. Don't know about cost, but Ebay has everything.
Funny about the game boy- kids are under a magic spell I think! I want a game boy that makes sure dirty socks get in the laundry- any idea when that game might be out?