Friday, February 13, 2009

IQ what?

well, we got the score of my older sons IQ test and it was 68. I knew he was slow, but I guess i just didn't want to hear he was considered mentally retarded. The weirdest thing is, he is always asks if he is a 'retard', as he puts it.

I guess when my kids came, i often wondered what kind of adults will they be, will they be able to work, be self-sufficient. My expectations of them have gotten lower as where before i wondered what college they will go to, now its can they get through High School. Can they get a trade? Can they learn to pump gas?

It saddens me to look at my older son and really look at what his future is. he is aware he is limited and has so many fears due to his PTSD.

I ask myself is he in the right school, he is in a regular public school. I guess when I asked the teacher if he had friends, she said "yes, they all like him and look after him". That was not what I was asking.

I don't want kids to 'tolerate' him.

Anyway, feeling down today, not sure what direction I want to go in. They are going to be more tests, so Ill have to wait. Then comes the IEP meeting.

Still not sure what all of this means.


Anna Glendenning (Mom) said...
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Anna Glendenning (Mom) said...

....hummm right there with you my dear brother-friend.... The grieving of our lost dreams our children don't even understand.

Will she be able to?
Will he have a chance?
Will they find a life maybe have some romance?

Is it even possible?
Is that too much to expect?
Is wanting this for them just too much to wish?

If my love could fix this all
and I could move a mountain
I would make it right for You and make the past forgotten.

My name is Andy. said...

That's got to be a tough spot to be. You've brought so much to the boys lives already that I'm sure you will help them down whatever path life takes them

Rose Adoption Journey said...

you of our sons IQ is 120 and I wonder if he will be able to make it too. Dont worry about the number...God can do miracles. The other son is in the 80's and he is doing better than the one that has a 120!!! They both have PTSD and numerous things but they are dealing with it differently. They are always afraid and so I think that will underscore everything we do!

Hang in there....